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Single Business Ideas


I plan to have the coolest collection of ideas and projects for you here. These will be individual ideas and their “popularity” as a searched for item.

Complete Business Ideas


This section will be entire ranges of product ideas – ones that will be financial winners every time. The research here will cover the complete niche or project in detail.

How To Research Ideas


This will be a series of free training that will show you how you can go about beeing sure that your niche idea or project will be a best seller.

Selling Your Products


All of this means nothing at all if you are not getting any of your products sold.

This section will cover everything you need to get buyer leads.









What Can You Expect From This Website?

Everything here on this site will be about wood, woodworking, and woodworking businesses.




I am Going to Find Complete Wood Manufacturing Business Ideas

One of the biggest features here on this site will be detailed analysis in as many different wood-related business ideas I can think up.

I will then research that idea for you, show you the good and the bad parts.

I will cover finding ideas to research – I will then go into detail on how to research the viability of that business idea – And then go over all the products or projects that you would need to create as part of your business.

I do not go too deep into the business plan side – but I will be giving you some great advice on how to fix that issue.

Finally, I will go over all the best ways for you to market and sell these items that you will be producing out of your workshop

I will also be looking into single project ideas – Weekend stuff, or a new niche for your business

This is always something that could be stretched out into a full time bigger business.

Let me give you an example. I will find a wood project on making wooden planters. I will then show you the potential that single item could have from a business or sales point of view, and finally show how you could expand that planter business into a detailed range of planters, pot plants, and bowls

Then, I will review products and tools that you might want to have a deeper look into.

One thing I learned very quickly when I was running my furniture business is that I always needed newer and better tools.

Not only that but I loved how carpenters have an amazing ability for finding new tricks and ideas to make the process of furniture manufacture easier and faster.

So, I will review courses, ideas, plans, your courses and tools – both hand tools and power tools.

You are welcome to email me with your own jigs and more to see if I might review it for the visitors here.

Then there will be a news section and more

This will be for things that are related to a carpentry business, be they crafts or full sized production line manufacturing.

I would love to add in your own personal ideas and stories here too.

If you feel that you have something great to add to this site, contact me and we can chat about it.



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Sell Woodworking Projects?

This is one of the subjects that I will be covering a lot on this site. You see there are a lot of places that would be perfect, but some will sell better online and others will sell better on the craft markets. Some in store etc.

I encourage you to read more on the posts and pages 

What are Some Good Woodworking Projects?

Good projects? That would depend on the exact meaning of your question. I will cover good sellers, I will cover easy to make items, I will cover very profitable items and even go into detail on good niches. For example, benches is a very good niche within the carpentry world, and within that there are dozens of popular styles of benches.

Over time I hope to get the opportunity to go into a lot of depth inside this site on everything that will fall under the “good Projects” tag.

I guess that would mean that i will also be looking at the “bad” side from a negative point of view too.

How to Estimate Woodworking Projects?

This question will need a detailed page to explain the basics and then go into detail as to where you need to take care and where you can save money.

The easiest answer would be for you to make one and then reverse engineer your costs to see what it actually cost you, but obviously, this is not too clever most of the time.

Then you could do a detailed cutting list and component breakdown and cost that from a materials point of view. You will then need to estimate how long it will take you to manufacture etc. The more experienced you are the easier it will be to do this.

Then there is the fact that if you manufactured an item “production line” style, you can significantly cut your costs by a very big margin. 

All this will be discussed in detail on pages right here on this site.

What Woodworking Projects Sell Well?

The easy answer for this is to research what your opposition are selling. 

I have entire courses on how to do this question better. You see, your happiness will hinge upon your business making the most amount of money possible. This means that you should make the effort to choose a combination of popular items|things you enjoy making as your main product in your business.

The Google keyword tool, Etsy, Ebay and a few other places will give you a very good idea as to what items are selling the best.

I already have a lot of content – pages and videos and courses on this subject. I will share it all with you here on this site

Contact me here  –