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Local Search Leads


100% LOCAL SEARCH TRAFFIC – This is your Google My Business Listing – Designed to get every local search listing lead to call you and not your opposition.

Organic Search Leads


Carpet bomb the search-engine-results pages. Get a pure lead generation website, a free premium website or a branded website design.

Links To YOUR Site


Your high-quality guest posts from woodworking related or furniture businesses and I offer links to your website for the articles.

I want to interview YOU!


Help woodworking businesses and new woodworking business owners get their new businesses started the right way. I interview you for your business experiences for my blog










This services page is all about helping YOU get solutions that will help your business

Woodworking Marketing Services I offer

This is an overview video that covers all the services I offer to woodworking business owners.  The point is to take my marketing skills and combine I with my woodworking business experience and deliver superior service to you for leads, sales, courses, and websites.

I also encourage you to consider doing courses and an interview with me to help newcomers that are starting up a new business of their own.

Local Search Results Service

In some businesses, the local search results are enough to give you 100% of your business leads. Setting up your GMB listing in the correct way is easy to do (all it takes is knowledge and time) and when it is done your 3 pack listing could be enough to keep your factory running at 100% capacity.

This service is also limited – it is extremely dependent upon current workloads. If I am continually running in arrears for helping you here, I will consider courses or other solutions.

Lead generation that PUMPS

Even if you already have a website, it can pay your business to have a pure lead generation website.

This site will be 100% based on keywords that people are using to find your products. This is something that you could do yourself or you could contract me to do the site for you.

This is a VERY LIMITED offer. I only do one full client site at a time

Complete Branded website Designs


A well-designed website for your woodworking business is 100% necessary. I do premium WordPress designs that are very user-friendly, that are designed to get your phone ringing.

The point of a proper website is for it to navigate easily, to answer exactly what potential clients are looking for on your website and to look fantastic.

This is a VERY LIMITED offer. Subject to availability

Your Guest Posts for Links to your site

I will allow certain types of content as guest posts to be done on my websites. I understand that you gain the back link and I gain the content.

For that simple reason – the content needs to be FANTASTIC. I will only be accepting content that is unique, fresh and extremely shareable and readable.

I will accept written content, infographics, maps and occasionally videos. Contact me for more details.


I really want to interview you

The biggest focus of this website is to feature woodworking projects and woodworking business ideas that really do work.

With that in mind, I am going to be seeking out existing business woodworking business owners with a view to interviewing them to help new business owners.

I want to offer them real facts and figures. The reality of owning a business.

Far too many websites offer lightweight rubbish that never translates into money at the end of your month.

To find out more about Woodworking Marketing Services please read the following…

This website is very connected to a Facebook Group that discusses “things to make and sell”

If you would like an idea you have explored by me, like seeing if it is a viable project or something – Please go to this link and join the group.

I will be answering your questions there.


Facebook Group Here

Thank you for reading this page on all the woodworking marketing services that I offer you and your business

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